Want To Get Into GREAT Fitness Shape?

I will tell you right now…this Navy Seal workout is NO JOKE.  I just finished DAY ONE of WEEK ONE and I am completely exhausted.  I can barely type this blog out.  I must admit, I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life…but I’m not exactly out of shape either.  I was already going to the gym somewhat regularly and playing beach volleyball 2-3 times a week.  Despite the relatively active lifestyle, I STILL got my a** kicked today.  My morning workout buddy (when I asked how he felt halfway through the day) was quoted as saying, “In all the years we’ve worked out together, I have never been more beat up than today.  I felt like I was dragged behind a bus…”

However, I will tell you this.  During my years as a personal fitness trainer, I’ve always pushed my clients by telling them that their mind will always give up before their bodies do.  I guess I must have forgotten because my body obviously made it through the workout today, but my mind made the process so much more difficult by introducing such thoughts as: doubt, insecurity, vanity, and a myriad of other counter-measures against my finishing the workout.  It just goes to show:

The Mind Is A POWERFUL Thing.  Make It Your ALLY For Success In Everything That You Do.

If not, you run the risk of being your own worst enemy and hindering your growth in life.

So what is this workout?  Well I’m going to just go over the first 2 weeks and expound on the routine as the weeks progress, it starts off pretty straight-forward but eventually turns into an insanely ridiculous workout.

Here is the routine for weeks 1 and 2:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • 2-mile run at a brisk 8.5 minute/mile rate.
  • 4 sets of 15 push-ups
  • 4 sets of 20 sit-ups
  • 3 sets of 3 pull-ups
  • Note: NO BREAKS in between any of these exercises save for a sip of water to hydrate.

4-5 Days A Week

  • 15-minute swim non-stop
  • Note: This swim can be done either before or after the other exercises without a break between the swim and the land exercises.

The key to maximizing the effectiveness of this training is the “NO BREAKS” rule.  Our human bodies have an amazing ability to heal and recover.  A simple 5-minute break between a set or exercise can immediately bring down the effectiveness of the exercise by as much as 40%!  To really get the most out of this simple routine, one must bulldoze through it with zero hesitation.

I will tell you that I did not do the swimming part of the exercise until night-time.  I was late getting started on the other exercises and by the time I finished trying to convince my workout buddy to jump in freezing cold morning pool, I had to rush back home to get ready for my workday.

This is how I know that this workout is not going to be a walk in the park.  Despite having a day to somewhat recover from the morning workout, that 15-minute swim was insanely more difficult than I expected!  Not being able to stop is what made it so difficult to me.

All that being said…I cannot WAIT to get into better shape so that this part of the workout WILL be like a walk in the park.

Stay tuned for when I discuss the diet regiment I put together for the next 18 weeks to make sure I not get enough energy but eat clean and healthy.

Tomorrow I just have the swim…I hope I can refrain from hitting the gym to lift anyway while I’m there so as to not overwork my body this week… Hoo-ya!

P.S. Please excuse any typos in this post as I caught myself dozing off a few times while writing this post. 😉

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