The Peaceful Warrior

I just finished watching an amazing movie.  Correction…I just finished RE-watching an amazing movie that was based on a true story of Dan Millman.  Consequently, the man went on to be an inspirational figure in his life after all was said and done.  It was so inspirational to  me, I actually busted out a notebook during the movie to take notes!

The movie is called “The Peaceful Warrior” and if  you haven’t seen it.  See it.  If after seeing the inspired video I put together below as a result of seeing the movie you decide you want to own it, I included a link to Amazon at the end of this post for your convenience so that you can own it.

The video below is a result of the notes I took from the movie.  Take the time to let each message from the movie sink in and see how it resonates in your own personal journey in life.  They aren’t in any particular order so take each one as its own.   Enjoy!


Peaceful Warrior (Widescreen)

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