The Beginning of My New Journey…(The 18-Week Bootcamp)

All our lives we have always been required, for the most part, to ask for permission to do things.  We need to ask for permission before going anywhere, we need to ask for permission to ask OR answer a question, heck, we needed to ask for permission to even go to the bathroom!  In a recent post by one of my favorite bloggers/writers,, he had made an interesting point as to how this has conditioned us to pretty much ask for permission for everything we do in life.  The only difference, now that we’re older, is that most of the time we are no longer ACTIVELY asking for permission, but rather passively seeking for approval.

Here is the exercise Tynan had suggested that stirred something deeply within me:

“If you’re the type of person who likes to put new ideas into action, here’s my advice: search your mind for something you’ve been wanting to do, but have been hesitating on, and just do it. Don’t ask anyone, don’t tell anyone (a passive form of permission asking), just do it and see how it feels. Maybe it’s something small like walking around your neighborhood barefoot, or maybe it’s something big like quitting your job because it sucks. Whatever it is, do it not for the immediate benefits of indulging yourself, but rather because it’s a first step towards owning your life.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but that simple exercise itself hit me like a ton of bricks.  The realization that much of my life has been dictated by doing things because of what I thought it was what I should’ve been doing rather than doing things because I really wanted to do it.  His entire post is really quite good and you can read it here.

So how has that revelation become the impetus to my new journey?

Well, in the past several months quite a few dramatic changes have happened in my life due to a major shift in my spirituality.  I have taken major steps to minimize and simplify my life drastically:

  • I sold my property and downsized to a simple bachelor a third of the size.
  • I broke up with someone I loved more than anyone else in my life.
  • I detached myself from things I had clung on to for years and actually got rid of them.
  • Did a major cleanse of my system to physically clear out years of toxins in my system that I’ve accumulated over the years from eating carelessly.
  • Shifted my thoughts and meditations to push out anything in my mind that was contributing to my mental clutter.

And yet, I found myself still seeking for approval as I was slowly trying to figure what it was I wanted to do.  So I re-read Tynan’s post again this past week and thought about what it is that I want to do.

For as long as I remember, I wanted to be a part of special ops in one of the military branches, namely the Navy Seals.  I am currently too old to formally enlist and be accepted as an actual Seal, so I decided that I would just do the same training Navy Seals go through that would get me into enough shape to pass the fitness requirements.  There are 2 levels to the training.  Level 1 is to help condition the body for the actual Navy Seal workout.  This will last 9 weeks.  Level 2 of the training will last another 9 weeks.  This is the actual “weeder” part of the training which will really put the body to the test.  As I understand it, not many people make it to Level 2, much less finish it.  I’m can’t wait! (Yes…I’m a little masochistic I admit.)

I am going to be using this as the physical and mental kick-off to a whole new half of my life…a new Wei if you will and, like birth, I don’t expect it to be a cakewalk.  I expect it to be grueling…both physically and psychologically challenging.  To make it through I will need to eat well, sleep well, and “think” well.  What do I mean by “think”?  Negative thoughts will just make it even more difficult to accomplish as it does to anything else in life.

I believe, however, that to change things that have been conditioned and coded as deeply as that which I have identified in me, it would take more than just a couple of sessions in meditation to accomplish.

So tomorrow will be Day 1 of the next 18 weeks of the Navy Seals workout routine.  I will go into more detail after my first session tomorrow (hopefully before my workday, if not, it’ll be after my workday is done).  I will discuss the diet I planned out as well as the workout routine in its entirety.  Naturally, I will log my physical and mental state as the weeks go by.

I’m not asking for permission anymore.

I don’t need approval for the decisions I make in my own life.

My head is shaved…I am ready!

Stay tuned and Hoo-yah!

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