Do You Understand Social Media Enough To Tame It?

Understanding the Social Media Beast BEFORE Taming It.

I admit… I like the concept of the whole “undercover” shopper deal.  I like to see the results of it done on retail shops, restaurants, and especially people or businesses that are in the same industry as me.   So I went “undercover” myself and approached several consultants and businesses that advertised Social Media Marketing services for individuals and businesses.

It has come to my attention that a LOT of the Social Media “Marketers” out there that charge quite a bit of money for their consulting services may not necessarily be delivering in a way that serves the industry justice.  Now granted, there are a LOT of us out there so I personally may not have encountered all of them, but this is what I can say:

Only a HANDFUL of people actually “GET” what Social Media marketing is all about.

But this Social Media concept is still so very much in its INFANCY.  It is for THAT reason alone why those that DON’T understand it are currently able to get away with charging exorbitant amounts of money consulting it without being able to fully deliver. :/

Often times, it is sales and marketing people or companies that are REALLY good at traditional marketing and feel that Social Media is just another medium to blast, spam, search out, and ultimately SELL to the people within that network.  That’s where the Social Media Beast remains UNTAMED.

I’m not here to say that anybody is doing anything wrong.  Nor am I bashing on anyone at all.  In fact, I applaud EVERYONE who is involved with Social Media Marketing in any form.  It is, like I said, still very new and the more popular it gets the better.  But it would actually help ALL of us if more us really UNDERSTOOD what Social Media Marketing is all about and that’s why I put this video together today.

Bottom-line is this, the more of us out here in the world of Social Media Marketing get it, the better this marketing medium can grow.  So let’s get started, yeah? 🙂


Hope you enjoyed it!  And PLEASE comment or give me ANY feedback so that we can open discussion on your thoughts!

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