Are You Starving and Feeling Unbalanced In Life?

I’m starting to routinely go back to the gym again after a VERY long hiatus.  While at the gym today in between sets, I started reflecting on HOW GOOD it felt to be back in the groove.  I was feeling unbalanced for so long now that I didn’t even realize I was  even unbalanced anymore!  I’m wondering how many of us out there today are feeling the same way…Starved and Unbalanced?

The fact is…our lives are more than just work.  Irregardless of how bad the economy is, how horrible your personal situation is, or how bad of a year your having…we each individually need to be steadfast with making sure that our beautiful minds, bodies, and souls are taken care of.

Think about it.  There really are only THREE main motives that we all have for living:

We All Live For The BODY, MIND, and SOUL

None of these three main core aspects of ourselves hold any priority over the other and yet, if any of these three core motives are lacking, the other two can’t fully manifest and survive.

Today’s post is all about you…and what you owe yourself on a DAILY basis.

We HAVE to have this mindset: It is NOT RIGHT to yourself to live only to support your BODY and not your Mind and Soul.  It is NOT RIGHT to yourself to live only to support your MIND and not your Body and Soul.  And just the same, it is NOT RIGHT to yourself to live only to support your SOUL and not your Mind and Body.

If you have ever taken the time to reflect on your life at any point, you will have already realized the consequence of having that imbalance.  I know I do!  In fact, I can say, to a certain degree, that I’m experiencing it even now!

We are so powerful, however, that we can ignore that imbalance for a long period of time until it completely overwhelms us and renders us to a state of immobility.

I know I’m being a little over-dramatic…but I’m not too far off, am I?

This is what I propose,  (and PLEASE let me know you thoughts!)


Is this too much too early in the day? 🙂

What constitutes good BODY?

  • Good food and nourishment (I LOVE fast food…but dangit… it’s no good for my body)
  • Comfortable clothing (notice I didn’t just say “clothing”.  COMFORTABLE)
  • Warm Shelter
  • Freedom from EXCESSIVE toil (Workaholics, like moi, pay attention!)
  • Plenty of rest (Military 2-4 hour sleep habit is NOT the norm)
  • Recreation (When was the last time you TRULY played?)

What constitutes good MIND?

  • Reading books and having the time to truly absorb and study them (Yes, audio books count 🙂 It better, anyway, for my sake!)
  • Taking the opportunity for travel and observation (Ever notice the difference between someone who is well traveled and someone who isn’t?  It’s significant!)
  • Intellectual Companionship (What kind of company do you keep?)
  • Intellectual Recreations (Are you surrounding yourself with art and beauty that YOU can appreciate and use?  This one is completely subjective)

What constitutes good SOUL?

  • Taking the time to reflect on one’s personal journey on a DAILY basis (I do most of this in the shower in the morning…however, it snuck in early today for me at the gym haha)
  • Do you have LOVE in your life? (Let’s not be provincial with this one. Love does not ONLY manifest between two people.  You can find love  in almost all areas of life…animals, nature, cultures, etc.  The focus is whether or not you allow yourself TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED.)

I want to make this a quickie so I’ll leave this seed planted.

Like I said, you OWE IT TO NOBODY BUT YOURSELF to balance yourself.  In essence, you can provide no greater service to the world and humanity than to make the MOST of yourself by focusing on the three main motives in life of Body, Mind, and Soul.

And all this in between my shoulder workout set between my military press exercise and my front deltoids exercise.  Haha.

P.S.  I would really like to hear your thoughts on this one.  I KNOW that many of you have much to share regarding this inspirational moment and I’d love to hear from you!

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