Are You Living Your Life Serving Your Greater Purpose?

Are You Living Your Life Serving Your Greater Purpose? Or Are You Serving Something Else?

Are You Living Your Life Serving Your Greater Purpose?In a recent conversation I had with someone who was having troubles in their self-run family business, the details of their issues prompted me to pose questions that I ask myself on a regular basis that explores the purpose of why people do what they do.  Granted, I find myself posing some of these questions to myself almost everyday in my meditation sessions.  It actually helps me maintain my focus and conviction in the things that I do.  I figured I’d share a little in hopes of possibly inspiring others to experience even the smallest of revelations as well! 🙂

Let’s start off with some status quo questions for ourselves:

Have you ever thought about why you work in the line of work that you do?


Have you ever thought about why you run the business you run?

I know I did!  We all know that every line of work and business has their good days and bad days.  We all know that every line of work and business has their good runs and bad runs.  When those moments come…

Do you continue to stay positive and forward-looking?


Do you find yourself caught in a downward spiral that seems to effect your outlook and view on life and what it is that you do?

It is always easy to be passionate and positive when everything is going as one would expect.  However, it is when the contrary occurs (otherwise known as “life”) when one’s conviction to the Greater Purpose of why one does what one does in this lifetime is tested.

So often we make decisions in life based on what society expects of us.  So often we make choices based on how we’ve been raised and programmed to believe that whatever someone else has told us, then that is the right thing to do for ourselves.

But I often ponder this…

How often have we, individually, taken the time to really evaluate what it is that resonates with our deepest being?

In other words…

How often have I taken the time to connect with that which serves MY Greater Purpose in life?

(What makes me HAPPY?)

Everybody…and I mean everybody has a Greater Purpose.  Everybody, either consciously or sub-consciously, knows what it is that makes them TRULY happy regardless of anything that is happening in life.  Keep in mind, however, that no two Greater Purposes in life are the same.  That’s what is so beautiful about it.  This basically means that EVERYONE has something to offer and give to this world.  All of which can be delivered by striving towards that Greater Purpose.

Unfortunately, most people go through life never realizing their Greater Purpose.  In a way, they are asleep for their entire lives…simply doing all that they are expected to do, but not necessarily what they are destined to do.

What happens when you understand your Greater Purpose?

  • Every action tends to carry with it more meaning
  • Whatever it is you end up doing for work, ends up not feeling like work
  • Life’s journey becomes a joy to travel as opposed to being one struggle after another
  • It is no longer about you or anybody else around you, it is for that Greater Purpose alone that you live and breathe
  • Those closest to you in your life have now become companions that YOU have actually CHOSEN to share this greater understanding
  • Even science has backed up the positive impact of having a Greater Purpose

As you can probably tell at this point that by simply understanding your Greater Purpose of being…Life, as you know it, will CHANGE significantly.

I know that during my journey in discovering my Greater Purpose…when first made aware of the need…I had NO IDEA just how significant this understanding would be in my life.  I’ll throw this out for you to chew on…

Knowing your Greater Purpose is the key to achieving true Happiness

And TRUE happiness is not a selfish desire.  An upcoming post about The 3 Stages of Happiness may help explain why.  In that post, I will discuss how, as I’ve been guided to believe, one achieves this level of happiness by identifying the 3 main stages of personal growth and development that we all go through.

Ok so before I get too abstract and cosmic, let’s discuss this…

HOW, then, does one go about discovering their Greater Purpose?

Here’s just one way to do this.   Everybody does things a little different but this is what I often do and it has worked well for me:

  1. Like with anything else that you do that may potentially stimulate major change within you, isolate yourself in a safe meditative environment.  A quite room with no distractions.  No phones, computers, or TVs and an opportunity for you to be alone for at least a good 30 minutes or more.
  2. Have a blank notepad and pen that writes well handy.
  3. Take the first 5 minutes or so to completely clear your mind.  If you already meditate to music or sounds, you can use that to facilitate the clearing of the mind.  This is a crucial step as our minds are our biggest blocks in our lives.  If you need to take more than 5 minutes to do so, then do so.  Everyone is different.  Don’t go to the next step until your mind is clear of all distractions, “to-do” thoughts, stress thoughts, etc.
  4. Start the exercise by thinking about the happiest moments in your life.  First think about the feeling.  You want to connect with that feeling first as opposed to the reason behind that feeling.  You want to connect with that unadulterated emotion of joy and feeling of carefreeness.  Again, don’t think about the specific details of that moment in time, simply connect with that emotion and bask in it for a moment.
  5. After you have fully submerged yourself into that feeling of happiness, identify with what you were doing at the time.  Just you.  Often times when I do this exercise, I find myself identifying my happiness with those that were around me at the time.  This forces me to identify my happiness as a dependency on someone else…or even something or someplace else.  Your Greater Purpose should fuel your happiness independent of ANY external forces.  Remember that true happiness is being happy without reason.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all the different times in your life that you can currently connect with the highest level of joy and happiness.  If it helps you to focus and remember, jot down those times on the empty pad of paper you have in front of you.
  7. When you have identified a number of those moments, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and clear your mind again.
  8. Take a look at what you’ve written or what you’ve catalogued in your mind from the exercise, look at the common denominator.  This exercise may take a couple of runs for you to narrow down to the times with the purest of happiness and joy.  However, when you do and you are able to identify that common denominator, be assured, you are on your way to discovering what your Greater Purpose in this life is.

When performing this exercise, you may discover that the path you are already on resonates directly with what you found to be supportive of your Greater Purpose in life.  If that’s the case, Kudos!  Keep it up!

On the flip side, you may also discover that what you are doing today has NOTHING to do with what you found yourself resonating with in the above exercise.  If that’s the case, then the question that you may want to ask is


Am I truly happy?

and second,

What excuses am I telling myself as to the reason why I am not working to serve my Greater Purpose?

Understand that everyone is different and so know that these questions posed are not absolute.  The point is that one does not have to adhere to any specific teaching, upbringing, or programming (and sometimes even brain-washing!) in order to live a full and happy life.  You should just always strive to do what resonates best and deepest with you and you alone.

And do share!  Nothing perpetuates more joy in this world than the sharing of positive growth and true happiness.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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