High Performance Breakthrough Coaching Tip with Wei Houng - Buzz Lightyear and Entrepreneurship

How a Trip to Disneyland Can Boost Your Revenues

Here’s Another High Performance Coaching Tip The other day as I stepped off the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters ride at Disneyland, I was curious as to why the ride was such a big draw to me.  As I thought about that, I also thought about why the scores ranged all over the place despite the fact…

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Are You Looking for an Excuse to NOT “Show Up?”

One of the biggest problems that many of us face when presented with a brand new challenge is to take the first legitimate excuse to not give 100%.  In other words, we take the “easy way out.” In fact, for many of our most important activities in life, we often choose to NOT SHOW UP.…

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How Are You Managing YOUR Power of Perception?

Week 1 of 18 is done and on to Week 2!  Week 2 is the exact replica of Week 1 so no need to re-iterate the routine.  I will share that I’ve already gained a couple pounds of muscle weight and lowered my total body fat percentage by at least .5 depending on the type…

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Your Amazing Ability To Overcome All Obstacles

I’m wrapping up Week 1 of the 18-Week Navy Seal Training and am continuously amazed at how quickly the human body adjusts to new physical challenges.  The old adage of “Practice Makes Permanent” holds true every time everyday when it comes to new habits I introduce in my life.  Day 3 and 4 were SIGNIFICANTLY…

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Navy Seal Fitness Challenge

Want To Get Into GREAT Fitness Shape?

I will tell you right now…this Navy Seal workout is NO JOKE.  I just finished DAY ONE of WEEK ONE and I am completely exhausted.  I can barely type this blog out.  I must admit, I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life…but I’m not exactly out of shape either.  I…

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Wei Houng & The U.S. Navy Seals Challenge

The Beginning of My New Journey…(The 18-Week Bootcamp)

All our lives we have always been required, for the most part, to ask for permission to do things.  We need to ask for permission before going anywhere, we need to ask for permission to ask OR answer a question, heck, we needed to ask for permission to even go to the bathroom!  In a…

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Are You Living Your Life Serving Your Greater Purpose?

Are You Living Your Life Serving Your Greater Purpose? Or Are You Serving Something Else?

In a recent conversation I had with someone who was having troubles in their self-run family business, the details of their issues prompted me to pose questions that I ask myself on a regular basis that explores the purpose of why people do what they do.  Granted, I find myself posing some of these questions…

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Does Social Media Give Good Return On Investment (ROI)?

I was recently at a client’s place replacing their dying hard drive and got into a discussion about what she actually does. She is an editor/writer for a business/tech annual magazine (actually, it’s hardly a magazine because it’s about as thick as the white pages) that aggregates statistics and articles from the entire year of…

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How To Fix “Reload Software 507” Error On Your BlackBerry

So this should be a quickie.  At a recent client’s place I encountered an error that happened when I tried to update her Blackberry Storm for the first time in a LONG time.  It was the dreaded “Reload Software 507” error…or just “507” which shows up on others. Here is the setup so that if…

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Body Mind & Soul

Are You Starving and Feeling Unbalanced In Life?

I’m starting to routinely go back to the gym again after a VERY long hiatus.  While at the gym today in between sets, I started reflecting on HOW GOOD it felt to be back in the groove.  I was feeling unbalanced for so long now that I didn’t even realize I was  even unbalanced anymore! …

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