About Wei 6 Figure Breakthrough CoachAs a 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, my passion, purpose, and goal is to help people add an additional 6 figures to their annual income…without burning out.  Through my own personal 6 Figure Journey, I discovered that to achieve that with my clients, I needed to create success in all aspects of their lives: finance, health & fitness, mental & emotional, and spiritual.

I believe that all of our journeys in success start from within.  By coaching and guiding individuals to reach a high level of clarity in their lives, I live by the mantra to educate, empower, and inspire others to what their next steps should be, and how to make it happen.

I take a holistic approach in both logic and problem-solving strategies to help my clients. This methodology was developed from a long history of working in the tech industry along with the spiritual path I traveled to discover my own true passion in life.  As a result, The High Performance Breakthrough System™ was created as the core strategies of all of my coaching.

I actually went to UCLA for Computer Science & Engineering with a cohesive minor in Business Management.  Because of my upbringing in Silicon Valley (and my father), technology seemed like a logical path at the time.  I eventually circled back to the Valley at the height of my technology journey during the tail-end of the Dot-Com Boom to become a VP of Marketing and Business Development in a software development company.  Consequently, because of my strategies employed and sensing the “crash” coming, that company survived by integrating and using some of the strategies that I still use with my clients today.

From there I transitioned to opening and running management/sales training centers with locations in Los Angeles, San Jose, Denver, and Las Vegas.  Having started my first 6 figure business at the age of 22 and tripping and falling my way through several others, I’ve decided to make it my mission to help those who wish to build 6, 7, or even 8 figure businesses without burning out as much as I had.

Aside from my degree in Computer Science & Engineering, I am also a Certified Life Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, and Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® Techniques.  I am also a member of the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP) and Business Network International (BNI).

I strongly believe that a harmonious life is the key to success and it is that harmony that ultimately leads you to a fulfilling one.

And this is precisely the life I now live. When I’m not busy with the 6 Figure Academy and DigiWEI, I can be found working out at the gym regularly, or playing competitive beach volleyball where I live in Redondo Beach, California.